The lead generation and customer acquisition platform

LeadShot is a lead generation, co-registration and customer acquisition SaaS platform for performance
marketers, agencies, ad networks, advertisers, call centers, mobile apps, games and web publishers.


Lead capture and delivery

Data Validation

Tracking and reporting

Custom solutions

Who are we

LeadShot is part of a larger set of products and services owned by Tallac Ventures. Founded in 2007 by proven
industry veterans, we are a profitable and self-funded corporation based directly at the hub of interactive
advertising technology innovation in Palo Alto, CA.

Platform overview


LeadShot is a lead generation, co-registration and customer acquisition SaaS platform for performance
marketers, agencies, ad networks, advertisers, call centers, mobile apps, games and web publishers.

  • CPA, CPL, CPC campaign support
  • Cookie-based and cookie-less postback tracking
  • Pay-per-call campaign capability
  • Co-registration path ad serving integration included
  • Copy and paste custom lead form creation
  • Real-time ad tracking and reporting
  • Real-time lead capture, tracking and delivery
  • Batch file import and email delivery support
  • Integrated revenue and cost of goods sold analytics
  • Unlimited users, campaigns, advertisers and publishers
  • Private label with your company brand
  • Flexibility to match a large array of advertising needs
  • Support that exceeds your expectations
  • Multi-language availability
  • Virtually unlimited scalability

Phone and Address Validation

Generating and maintaining the highest level of data quality is a top priority in the lead generation business.
Our proprietary phone and address validation tools are included with your account at no additional cost.

Based Pricing

Usage Reports


US Phone

US Address

Our lead generation technology solutions


  • Custom leads
  • Co-registration
  • Pay-for-performance
  • Pay-per-call
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Real-time reporting and analytics


  • Proprietary Ad Serving
  • Host and Post Campaigns
  • Data Validation
  • Cost Per Lead campaigns
  • Co-registration advertising
  • Registration path solutions
  • Real time reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated Support Staff


  • Easy to use UI to manage both Advertisers and Publishers
  • Setup, test, and execute a campaign quickly and easily
  • CPA, CPL, CPC and co-registration, pay-per-call, simple opt-in, custom lead generation campaigns
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Accounting dashboard
  • Private Label partnerships
  • Real-time data posting
  • Customization/Integrations/API

Our services

In addition to the platform, we offer a suite of profesional services to compliment your account on an on-demand basis.

Customer Support

We are there for you. Leadshot offers free and unlimited support via email, phone and chat sessions.

Creative Services

Design and coding services are available to assist you in building campaigns and landing pages.

Custom Solutions

Flex the tool. Let our Pro-Services team create an API or other custom data transfer solutions, one-off custom features/enhancements, or create a custom UI that fits your business model. Looking for something unique? Let us know, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Master the platform. Our training materials are designed so your team is using and maximizing the Leadshot platform in the shortest amount of time.

Best Practices

Become an expert quickly. We offer instruction based on time tested techniques. Leadshot consultants are industry veterans who can bring your team hard-won, valuable expertise to make the most out of your campaign efforts.

Launch Management

Accelerate your campaigns. We offer hands-on experience to accelerate your initial ad campaigns. Get up your campaigns loaded, tested, and out the door quickly.

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